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About Us

Cancer can be cured by Siddha Cancer Hospital. To cure cancer, there are so many high variety of medicines in Siddha treatment. All the patients who took treatment under there were cured. Our family is a traditional Siddha Vaidhya for the last three decades. We prepare medicines with the important herbals which are found is the good old books and palm leaves of Siddha. The diseases which are not cured by any other method of treatment are cured by our herbal Siddha Cancer. Medicines are prepared with help of our family secrets in preparing medicines and Muppu and Guru Chunnam as per the Sastriya Method and given to the patients and they get cured. There will be no side effects by using our own medicines. Good health in maintained after getting throughout the life. Cancer cannot be cured with ordinary medicines. We know this is our own experience. Dangerous diseases such as CANCER,HIV,AIDS,LEPROSY, are cured by our medicines prepared in heat strong power Muppu Guru CHUNNAMGAL. They are prepared with PASANA things according to prepare Devotional Method. They are evidence and Certificates of those patients who have got cured with our medicines. There are evidences and there are witness about their cure.Anyone who is interested in it many come and see their prowess and verify them.