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Welcome To Siddha Cancer Hospital !

MEDICINE AS EVERYONE KNOWS IS NOT MERELY A SCIENCE DEALS WITH PILLS BUT ITS AN ART OF HEALING BOTH EXTERNAL BODY AND INNER SOUL OF MAN. "SIDDHA" word comes from the word ' SIDDHI' means An Object to be attained or perfection or heavenly bliss. SIDDHI was dealt by persons called as siddhars in ancient times were also masters in other fields. MAIN goal implied by my grandfather VAITHIYARATINAM JUDGE V.BALARAMAIAH is to improve healthy lifestyle of the people so I R.RADHAKRISHNAN follows his foot steps and trying to achieve his goal.

Due to limited resources we are dealing with certain disease which is a challenge and mystery to mankind for centuries known as CANCER. For past 30 years we are trying to improve life expectancy and quality of life for many cancer patients so far we are succeeding in our goals. We are living and practicing our traditional medicine in a place called ERUMBURE near VANDAVASI THIRUVANAMALAI (dt).